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Rock Climbing for Kids

We’ve just added a rock climbing wall to our range of climbing equipment here at MPK. Climbing is one part of our physical development program called ‘Fundamental Movement Skills’. Through rock climbing children develop: strong hand grip upper body and core strength problem solving with limited holds available to traverse along the wall a sense […]

Early Writing Development

Donald Graves pioneered new methods of teaching writing[3][4] and published 26 books in 25 years, primarily on the topics of teaching and writing. In one of his very early books, Donald Graves wrote: ‘Children want to write. For years we have underestimated their urge to make marks on paper. We have underestimated that urge because […]

Joint Engagement

How can every moment with your child become learning opportunities? Here’s another article I’ve found by Hanen. With a few simple steps, you’ll have your little one learning from every interaction you share with them. I can’t wait to hear your success stories! Source:

Building Your Child’s Resilience

I’ve always wondered, if I could leave something behind for future generations, what would it be? Resilience. That’s right – resilience. It’s the ability to get back on your feet when life knocks you down. The British Psychological Society published an intriguing article by Emma Young in their Research Digest. It’s entitled, “5 ways to […]

The Language of Kids by Kerwin Rae

Every now and then, I come across online “gems” for bringing up children. I’d love to share this one with you. I also hope that you find those precious moments in your day to apply Kerwin Rae’s principles. There’s nothing more important than connecting with your child and giving him or her the emotional security […]