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Communication Milestones

My youngest daughter is a practicing speech pathologist. As we have the same passion to help children in their development, many of our conversations are around strategies we use to enhance children’s communication. I have attached some tips from her and hope you find them helpful… You will find communication milestones for each age group […]

Strategies to help your late toddler to communicate by AB SMITH

Here are 10 effective strategies that encourage communication in young ones (based upon the Hanen Program®): OWLing (observing, waiting and listening) for child to initiate. When we “tune in” to toddlers and let them start interactions, they communicate more. Reduce “on-demand speech” (e.g., “Say cup”) so a child can enjoy communication. Asking toddlers to say words takes the joy out of communication. […]

Raising Good Kids

Managing Behavior and Emotions in 0-5’s by Dr Kaylene Henderson(Child Psychiatrist) Are you a mum/parent who is looking for flexible online professional development on above subject?? Based on research, but filled with practical examples and advice, these video–based courses cover a range of topic, including the following: The importance of temperament Creating a culture of […]

Early Childhood Leadership Summit 2017, Singapore

Hi Again. If you have been wondering where I have been missing from the child care centre these last few days… Glad to share with you that I have been attending the “Early Childhood Leadership Summit” at Lifelong Learning Institute in Singapore. There were 500 delegates from all over the world. I will over the next […]