Christmas Toy Safety

Christmas Toy Safety


Christmas toy safety
Toys are an important part of childhood, helping children learn and develop, as well as entertaining them. Unfortunately, some toys can be dangerous. Poorly constructed toys or toys that are inappropriate for your child’s age and level of development can lead to tragic results.

The good news, according to NSW Fair Trading, is that toys sold today are much safer than they were a decade ago!
However, NSW Fair Trading has asked parents be cautious when purchasing toys this Christmas after finding there are a number of items on the market that are potentially  hazardous.
According to NSW Fair Trading:
Toys with small parts are a particular worry. Anything smaller than a ping pong ball or an Australian 20 cent coin could choke a child under 3.
Visit Product Safety Australia for a great booklet called ‘Keeping Baby Safe’ which includes information about toys.
Follow these tips when selecting toys for babies and children:
• Look for washable, non-breakable toys for babies
• Check there are no small parts that can be swallowed by children under 3
• Examine the toy to check if it contains a button battery that can be easily accessed by a child
• Read labeling on new toys to check they are suitable for a child’s age
• Be sure, if buying or receiving a projectile toy, it is the one that has soft, one-piece darts or non-removable suction caps
• Check for ventilation before buying tents, masks, or helmets
• Take off and throw away all the wrapping and packaging. This includes all plastic bags and sharp plastic covers on the package.
For other information on toys and safe play visit:


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